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Thanks for posting this. I couldn't find the original article online, but this is a really interesting anecdote. It's pretty remarkable to mention that this rich man didn't disclose his name. IBS is still a taboo subject in the public, but some famous people are slowly starting to come "out of the closet."We need more people to stand up and not feel ashamed for disclosing this information. If 20% of the population will suffer from IBS sometime in their life, why isn't there more public awareness about it? This has baffled me because I was pretty much aware of diseases like cancer, heart disease, genetic disorders, but never heard the term Irritable Bowel Syndrome until after I was stricken with it.Ya know I was in a Starbucks and had a conversation with a man, and at one point casually mentioned I had IBS that was about 90% in remission. He said he had it too, and that he was a medical doctor! He seemed fascinated in what I had to say and finally I gave him the site for him to check out. Oh in case you missed this, check out this thread.
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