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Does anyone have nausea with their reflux?

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I was recently diagnosed with reflux and put on Aciphex. It's helping the pain but my nausea has gotten worse again. I feel very full very quickly during meals. Then I feel like air is trapped like I have to burp but can't. The nausea is really hard to deal with and I think I'll call my doc to get some Compazine. Anyone else get nausea or feel full very fast?------------------C-Type IBS (slow motility)
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I went through what you are going through right now for two years until I have the attack from hell which put me in the hospital and discovered the true problem - not reflux, but a gallbladder full of stones. Please tell me that the docs at least ran an ultrasound on your gallbladder - I hope they did. I would hate to see anyone go through that like I did for that many years because of a misdiagnosis.
I have gallbladder symptoms, but they found a pancreatic cyst instead. Now I have just IBS problems, but could this all be related? I have serious reflux of air at night and all kinds of burping problems? Doc says no stones, but what then? Just IBS...?
In August of '99 I had an upper endoscopy, stool testing and gallbladder ultrasound. All negative! So, I chalked it up to IBS. I just checked on the Aciphex and it did list nausea as a symptom. I was on Zantac a year ago, had the same nausea problems and as soon as I stopped the med, it got much better. He said he may want to scope me again but I frankly don't have $600. to throw away again only to have it be negative. (We have a high deductable on insurance.) I'm just so frustrated at this point and just want to know what it is without wasting more money.
------------------C-Type IBS (slow motility)
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Catherine, I too have nausea and that full bloated feeling alot of the time. I don't have reflux though-my doctor thought I may have ulcers, but I too had the endoscopy and it showed nothing! I wish he would give me compazine- for some reason he doesn't want to. For now he gave me a prescription for Reglan-it helps a little but I don't like the way it makes me feel very drowsy and just out of sorts.
Nausea was my main symptom with my reflux problem. It went away after a couple of months on Prevacid, though.
Hmmmm, maybe I need to try a different drug. Thanks for the replies.
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