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Does anyone here have the problem of adhesions due to surgery?

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Hi!I'm pretty new here and I was wondering if anyone suffers from the problem of adhesions due to previous operations. It presents symptoms very similar to IBS and endo and it can't be picked up on scans and tests too. I'm suffering greatly from this problem and if anyone can give me some advice or anything, will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!Joanne
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I just had surgery in Oct. to clean up adhesions. My IBS has been in serious flare up since early summer. My GI thnks it is damage done to the outside of the bowels by the adhesions. I was messed up pretty bad inside. Currently seeing a urologist, my left ureter was damaged. They put in a stent to hopefully save the kidney. Check out other posts for my whole nightmare. I had trouble getting doctors to believe me when tests showed nothing wrong. Thank God some did. I had problems that could've proved life-threatening.
Wow... I just had an op in June to clear up the adhesions... good thing it wasn't very major... and yah!! All my tests came out negative too! Its hard to convince doctors that it hurts because they look at you with that kind of "ARe you sure you're not faking it" kind of look!
One of my early doctors TOLD me I was faking it. Luckily, someone believed me.
I had my ovaries removed in April, and the doctor said I had a lot of adhesions from surgery in 1983. It was extended from the ovary to the colon. I had sharp pains in the lower left part of my colon before surgery. Now I am no longer having pains thanks to my wonderful gyno!
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Joanne173 - Sorry to hear about the adhesions. I can sympathize. I've had two ops due to adhesions. First one in '83 was a partial hysterectomy and turned out to actually be my appendix adhered to intestines and to right ovary. Second one was in 1992 to other side where left ovary was adhered to intestines and bladder. All a result of infections to fallopian tubes when I was 23. The last operation was shortly after I had developed IBS. I don't know if it'll happen again. Nothing you can do according to the doctor. I remember periods of intense pain. Definitely didn't help the IBS any, that's for sure.
my doctor called my adhesions- adnomyosis it causes mid cycle pain and anemia causing periods. he said it was from the 5 c sect i had .he put me on the pill ortho lo . it stopped the pain and some of the heaviness of flow but now i have terrible smelling gas. still ibs c . he won't give me a histerectomy he wants to wait till this doesn't work. i just want to get it over with. i'm 33yo i really don't want to wait til i'm 43 and find it harder to recover
Perky,I had to beg for my hysterectomy at age 23. I had adenomyosis and PID, caused by multiple miscarriages, caused by the adenomyosis. I felt better three days after my surgery than I did the day before. Full recovary was two months. I regretted I was so young, but never regretted the surgery.
thanks for the encouragement- maybe i'll get a second opinion form a differ doc
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