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Boy do I know about this! I have 2 EX husbands because of it. The last one pulled this trick, one day I was extremely sick all day at work, I came home and immediately went to bed, at about 7:30 pm he came up to my room,woke me up and said 'So are you coming down to make dinner or what?' my reply was 'not only am I not coming down to make dinner, I am not eating dinner, you are on your own', well, he didn't like this and went slamming out of my room, then proceeded to make dinner for himself but not my kids, luckily my kids are old enough and have dealt with my illness long enough that they took care of themselves that night. After a few more of these episodes within the next couple weeks he came home one day to find that his key didn't work on the locks! I have been sick all my life with this #### and I will not tolerate this type of behavior. If you can't be nice when someone is sick you can't be around me! My son's have learned to deal with it and are very supportive of me when I am sick, I think that someday they will be very loving to their women, so I think I am raising a new generation of boys in my house. Best of luck to you dealing with spouse, I personally choose not to deal with that type of behavior.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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