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It's very hard for someone that doesn't have IBS to understand. Luckily my sister, aunt and mother all have it too so when we all go out it's no big deal when someone is missing from the group in the bathroom. Or if my sister and I go shopping I don't ever mind having to stop at the nearest scummiest gas station if needed! We IBS sufferers are the ONLY ones that can understand our illness. When my hubby get a stomach flu w/ "D" it's like it's the end of the world for him. I say "sorry, no sympathy, welcome to my life just about EVERYDAY"!!! He is supportive like yours to a point but he will never fully understand it. One time he was all proud of himself scheduling a nice birthday dinner at a restraunt for us at the Olive Garden, a Itialian place. I told him that I couldn't go there. It would kill my stomach all the garlic etc. He was so mad at me. I would rather of have soup and bread for my birthday because that way I wouldn't pay having terrible pains. Needless to say, he never understood. Hang in there and try to hang out with other IBS sufferers. It's alot easier on your life!
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