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Does anyone's spouse (signif other) get angry at them when they're sick?

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Dear friends:My hubby is usually pretty supportive. But sometimes he gets so angry. A couple of weeks ago I left work, after having an accident (no one knew, thank God!) but of course I felt horrible, humiliated, etc. You know the drill.Anyway, I came home from work 3 hours early and I'm laying on the couch, wishing for death, and my husband cops this huge attitude.We were having sandwiches that night for dinner, anyway. He says "Can't you even set the table???"(Paper plates.)And then he proceeded to be really icky the rest of the night, until I screamed bloody, blue murder that "I can't cope with this disease and your f---ing attitude!"This is not the first time this has happened.It's not that I don't try. I hardly EVER miss work or even family functions. I go sick or well, no one cares how I feel. Our home is always immaculate, I pay half the bills, I just feel like the lowest life form when he does that.I don't buy that, "he wants to fix it and can't" business. When I throw my back out, a problem HE ALSO has, he's all "sweetness and light."Anybody else have this problem? Male or female?love and light to all, michele-
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My husband, usually very supportive, drives menuts every 6 months about a holiday to Mexico!All I need! He says I can be carefu what I eat.Forget it, I kill the discussion dead, buthe comes back again and again, because he'snever been to Mexico and wants to go.I think I'll send him on his own!!!!O
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