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Yes...this is a very sensitive thing. Sometimes you feel that there is LESS support from family than anyone else. Their remarks can be pretty painful at times, i.e., well why don't you just get busy and get your mind off of it ... that would probably help you, or, why don't you go somewhere and do something, etc., etc., plus I think they think it is all "just imagined". That only adds to the pain which you just don't need. Actually you find yourself withdrawing from them because you get sick of all their suggestions. Like "have you tried this...or have you tried that..."well I know what I would do and then proceed to tell you to see this doctor or that doctor and on and on and on". Lord knows we have tried about everything under the sun. I remember when my father was ill with cancer, I worked at the church at the time as its secretary and I told the pastor that no matter how painful it would be for me...I was going to allow him to express himself and his feelings, and never ever did I put him off or change the subject. This was exactly what I did...and you know he shared more of his feelings with me than anyone else in the family. I never regretted allowing myself to be available to him. In fact even though it was so sad, we shared some beautiful moments together that I will always treasure.
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