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I have had both experiences and I can say that my wonderful husband is so supportive of my IBS. He is the one who found Zofran when Lotronex was taken off the market, he is the one who encourage me to see a therapist when I thought I would be stuck at home forever, he is the one who understand and stops where ever I say stop when I have a bout coming on. He lets me drive, he helped me tell his family so they understand and even though he get frustrated on occasion because I can't do something, it is not the most important thing, we just adjust the plans.For example, this weekend we went on vacation with a lot of car riding (not the best thing) and he made an extra trip to take his son to a soccer game so that I would not have to be in the card for that period of time. I feel lucky and blessed to have found this wonderful man.On the other side, my ex insisted that I had IBS to punish him, that I was making it all up, and all types of other not so nice things. He and I ended up driving everywhere in separate cars so that I would not bother him with my problem.My son has seen both sides of the equation and he will be a supportive adult someday and I have my wonderful husband to thank for that.So it can be good, it can be supportive and I have found that talking about it honestly ( and sharing this BB with my DH) is the best thing to do.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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