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Does Ben Stein have IBS?

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On Larry King Live just now Dave Barry, Chuck Booms, Chris Tucker and Ben Stein are talking about politics and stuff.Dave Barry brought up low flush toilets ....Ben Stein said "and I'm a person with Irritable Bowels" and so on He said it in line and without a flinch, so I don't know if he was joking or not.damn
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Missed that! Don't know. Wouldn't he be a funny spokesperson for IBS, though?Regards, Lilymaid
I don't know about Ben Stein, but my mom told me she saw Kelsey Grammer's wife, Camille, on a talk show and she said she has IBS. Beautiful and IBS? That woman's got it all!
You may be right, though I never heard him actually say he has "it", I watch Ben Stein's money all the time and he does make reference to problems of that nature now and then...but I think it also may be just digestive/age show he was drinking from a bottle of Mylanta!!!! (Or was it??) Hmmm....wonder if we should ask him? He is very intelligent, so let's invite him to this BB!!!!!------------------Marilyn
There is a Q/A on E! Online that says this:Dear Ted:I have written a cookbook/eating plan for people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which I've had for 20 years. As I have never received any help from the traditional medical establishment for IBS and have heard far too many horror stories comparable to mine of doctors' dismissal or ignorance of this syndrome, I am leaning toward the celebrity endorsement. Would you happen to know of a celebrity who does have IBS?Heather Van Vorous Dear Heather V.V.:Yes, I believe his name is Ben Stein.It's a gossip section with Ted Casablanca, but that's certainly not like a tabloid article, so it seems like it's probably true.
Who is Ben Stein?????Also, I thought I heard Kelsey Grammar say he had IBS, in some interview. Maybe both he and his mate have it together. My mate and I both have it. Though mine is C and his is D. We are always arguing about whose version is the worst. I've finally decided that his is. I'm the more fortunate to have C. Now how's that for stimulating and romantic conversation???Lisa
no, lisa, i don't think kelsey grammar has may have heard him mention his wife camille. ben stein is an actor who has appeared in numerous television shows. you may recognize him as the nerdy science teacher from "the wonder years" or more recently as the host of comedy central's "win ben stein's money".....or most likely from the "Clear Eyes" commercial...."wow"
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Hi folks!
FYI - Kelsey doesn't have IBS, but his beautiful wife Camille does, and is in fact a member of this BB ... she has posted here in the past (as CamilleG), and has done much to increase public awareness of this disorder.
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Bubbles,Ben Stein quite a bit more than just an actor. He is an attorney who has taught inlaw school and he was also a speech writer for Nixon when Nixon was president. Yes, he is very intelligent. He has mentioned stomach problems many, many times on his show, "Win Ben Stein's Money." I used to watch it nightly until his very funny co-host left and was replaced by a whinny unfunny woman who wears bad shows. We should all write him at Comedy Central! Maybe he'll come join us. He's be good for some laughs if nothing else!Carlene
I also wonder when people make an off-hand remark about having IBS like that if they perhaps simply mean that their tummy is sensitive to spices or something versus our situation where we suffer almost regardless of what we eat.Note: I saw "almost" because there are some dietary changes which have improved my situation, but I'm A LOOOOONNNNNGGGGGG way from cured by adjusting my diet.
Gee I just happen to know someone who works on Ben Steins show but I don't think it would be a good idea for her to ask him if he has IBS as he is just starting out in the business. I'll have to find out if she's heard anything though.
Well folks, I emailed Ben Stein and I asked him right out if he has it....Come on Ben...Join us on the BB...More solid intellectual stimualation...and yes, I agree, the girl just doesn't cut it...what was he thinking!!!If and when I "hear" from the mighty master of intellectual pursuit, I will share!!!
I have to admit, when I first saw Kelsey's wife in an interview I assumed he probably married her for her looks. But the lady obviously has depth to talk about her IBS in public, in hopes of helping others.I think that's very cool.
Hi Squonk,I saw Larry King last night and loved the program. From what Ben Stein said and the post above I would say he has IBS.I felt uncomfortable when they started joking about IBS. Ben never said anything about this. Am I too sensitive?
Vikee, no you're not too sensitive! There's no such thing as too sensitive, because sensitivity is a gift, not a fault!However, I do think perhaps you're not laughing enough!
Lisa,Very well said. Yes I have to laugh more in general!------------------vikee
Jenny McCarthy suffers from IBS. I have heard of a few other people. You have to think that is one in five people suffer....MANY celebrities must suffer. I dont think I have one friend who doesnt have IBS in some manner. I may just have a type of friend, but I think it is not that odd that we all suffer. We talk and joke about it all the time. If you cant laugh at it, what can you do?lala
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