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Does Serzone slow down the contractions rather than make stool hard?

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I went off 7.5 mg. Zyprexa as it was making me unfunctioning til 10:30 a.m. (I get up at 4:45) and took the Zyprexa at night.Under Dr permission I resumed 300 mg. Serzone (100 day and 200 at night). Now despite my bowl of fiber one; my spoonful of Perdiem w/senna and half a citrucel tab, I couldn't naturally move my bowel this a.m.; had to use 3 suppositories to move out very soft stool. I am also full of gas since Saturday, and I bragged I never get gas.Does the Serzone suppress contractions in the bowel/colon/whatever rather than make stool hard? I started the new/old meds Friday night (today is Monday) and Saturday and Sunday got progressively worse. I also increased Klonopin from .25 mg. to .5, under Dr permission. Can the soft stool be sliding past hard stool? I have no fever. Please Help! I never was so bad with Serzone before. Is it the Zyprexa weening its way out of my system, too?
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I have no answers. But one thing was not clear to me. Are you afraid or do you know that there is hard stool left in you. It is possible for a med to make all the stools soft.
I am not sure there is any hard stool left in me.It's just that in 6 years of being C, it has never manifested itself exactly like this.Thanks for your reply
Joan,How long have you been on Serzone and was it difficult to get off of it? I don't think this made my C any worse but it could have as my IBS didn't really get bad until I'd been on Serzone for about 4 yrs. Also, I've taken restoril at night a few times and then I REALLY notice I get C, plus it causes some heavy depression. Maybe its the combo.?
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bk: have been on serzone since fall 1995. am going to ween myself off it again--yesterday took a total of only 100 mg.Remember, when I weaned the first time was on powerful antipsychotic Zyprexa, so I can't tell you how difficult this time will be.
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