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Hello everyone. My name is Mike, I am 32 years old, and I am having bad anxiety. I usually go to the toilet in the morning when I wake up or within about a half hour or so of waking up. Sometimes I am finding that I go a second time during the day and my mind immediately jumps to colon cancer. This past Saturday this is what I ate...

1) 2 cups of coffee with whole milk and sugar

2) buffalo wings

3) french fries

4) peach sangria

5) Cinnabon

6) Cherry Coke

7) 4 red velvet cookies

8) Dippin Dots Ice Cream

9) 2 glasses of milk

Now I usually don't eat that much junk food in one day. I try to eat healthy most of the time. The next day on Sunday, I had 2 morning cups of coffee and had a BM at my usual time, but several others as well. All I can think about is that it is a change in bowel habits and I have cancer. I have been to my doctor numerous times and he assures me that it is very unlikely that it is cancer. He told me the benefit of a colonoscopy has to outweigh the low risks associated with it and that it is wrong for a doctor to just do a test on a patient just to make them feel better and that thee should always be a reason.

Over the past year and a half, I was told I had a fatty liver. In 2016, leading up to this diagnosis, I had a CT Scan of the abdomen and pelvis which showed a clear bowel with no obstructions or wall thickening. I also had an MRI which can see a lot more and it just confirmed that diagnosis. I also had 3 labs and a digital rectal exam which was negative for blood. I see a Therapist once a week for my fears and everything else going on in my life.

Does anybody else experience this?

Thank you all!!!

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Hello Mike,

First of all, anything between having three bowel movements on a day to three bowel movements in a week is considered normal. So is having a bowel movement in the morning. If you don't feel pain and see any dark blood in your stool or have tarry black stool, you most likely do not have cancer.

Try cutting on caffeine, as it is known to relax the anal sphincter, making the urge defecate greater. Also try to limit unhealthy food in general.

If you are depressed, see if you can get a prescription for antidepressants. If you have anxiety, practice mindfulness. Your physical symptoms are real, but it won't help to keep thinking about them. Look into somatic symptom disorders, see if your therapist can help with cognitive behavioral therapy.
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