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Does Zelmac help bloating?

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Does anyone know if Zelmac will also help with bloating? I'd appreciate any input.Thanks
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That medication has not been released yet so it's hard to know. I think one person on the board has participated in the trial of it. They have a website which is Not sure how much info is in there about the med yet. I guess once it is released we will have more info.
Clinical trials have shown this drug to be very effective for bloating. I can't wait till its approved
If it helps bloating--I can'y wait for it to be approved either. Any idea when?
The zelmac site said the release date is 2002, but that doesn't seem real. I will post the exact page I saw that on: Scroll down to the Cardiovascular Metabolism and Endocrine section and there you will see Zelmac. The are saying that it is for Gastroesophageal reflux disease. Not sure why - maybe it's one of those cure all type meds.
i think zelmac is going to be marketed both for IBS and GERD- the 2002 release date is for GERD, but the IBS release date is in 2000(thank god). enja
They have received a contingentapproval letter from the FDA. Approval may be granted for release nextspring or slightly earlier depending on the results of data collected andreviewed from the most current study that just ended. ------------------
Regarding the launch of Zelmac, the latest word I heard from the nurse I was linked up with when I participated in the clinical trial for this drug is that it may be available as early as this December. If I hear anything further, I'll let you know!
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