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doesn't it drive you crazy when................

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You are at work and you have gas. You are standing talking to others and keep moving around so you don't let anything out. Most of the other people are just sitting or standing there calm as could be. Then you are wondering WHY ME????? Why am I the only one with IBS. Or how are these other people able to live a normal life without the problems associated with IBS.
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I've asked these questions many times. Or why do I seem to be the only person who always has to scope out the bathrooms. Seems like most people decide to go somewhere & just hop in a car and go. With IBS you first have to think about whether you are going to have to go to the bathroom, you don't know so you decide maybe you'd better not go. It definitely limits your lifestyle. I do know what you mean by standing with a group talking & shifting around. Story of our life, I guess.
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