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Donnatal tolerance? Hey you smart medical friends, help!

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Dear friends:After having a few bad D attacks a few weeks ago, I figured the Donnatal stopped working, so I called my dr and he said I had too much of it in my system and to go off it for a week and then start up again.In the meantime I took Levbid and I was okay.Now I'm back on the Donnatal and I'm okay again.Should I switch back and forth from these two drugs? Anyone out there that can help?love, michele-
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Can no one help me? Sniff! Sniff!
I'm sorry mamamia, I didn't see your post. How much donnatal were you taking? How long were you on it before you built up a resistance? My son is on donnatal once a day and bentyl once a day for about three months. He started off on donnatal three times a day, but his dr. wanted to wean him off of it because of the phenobarbital in it (my son is only 14). Switching back and forth sounds like a good idea. Have you checked with your dr. Sorry, I guess I haven't been much help.
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sorry to say Mamamia that everything I get in terms of meds. helps for a little while then it doesn't anymore. Donnatel did not help me at all.I am going to look into Questran as I think I hve excess bile acids.Hang in there. I find this is the only place anybody knows what I am talking about. I need this place. I've had IBS for 16 years at the beginning it was very bad, then for about 10 years it was livable. Lately I am in agony again. Can't understand it. I think I could stand about 1 year of intensive therapy because of all I have missed out on and How this has changed my life. Hey who couldn't use someone to listen Huh? I used to not blame it on my emotions and stress but I guess I'm wrong. Plus I think being 44 and in peri-menapause doesn't help.
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Dear Jackie:The dosage is not on the bottle, believe it or not. I was taking it 2X a day for about 3 months, if that. The phenobarbital doesn't have much effect on me, other than I sleep well. I had such a bad anxiety attack at Mass last week, I thought I would lose consciousness. This really bothers me as I felt very secure on the Donnatal originally,"D" wise. But my stomach started to rumble and that sent me into a huge panic.I am not going to check with my dr. about switching back and forth. I'm just going to do it.Dear Twocups:I'll tell you what, I was on the Levbid for about 2 years and I was fine (for me), but I was having all these bladder problems so I can't take it long term anymore. Have you tried it?love, m-
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