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Don't try to re-register...

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Click on profile at the top of the page and enter your old user name and password and re-submit. It should remember you after that. You can't re-register with the same name but you can edit your profile and re-submit it even if you don't make any changes and the it should recognize you.------------------Joe
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Joe--I am on the board as Janice Kelley, Jnice K, and now Janice E. Just checkedto see if the board "remembers" my address, which never changes ( it says "no one registered with that address"---groan! Why the problem?
Janice,I clicked on the email icon above your post (the middle one) and a new window opened and it said:The email address for Janice E is: Click on the email address above to send an email now.So I think your email address is OK. Is the info in your profile right and do you still remember your password. Try to re-submit your profile info and see if that will help.------------------Joe
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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