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Dr appointment tomorrow

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Folks, I feel like I am doomed. Last Tuesday I had an appointment wth the Doc to get the script. Monday I was called. The Dr will be going on strike so we need to reschedule. Tomorrow is the day. Will it happen? Stay tuned....
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Good Luck!!!!!!!!! Let us know if you got it!!!!!!!!!!
Well....I finally got the script but the pharmacy has to special order it. SHould have it tomorrow or Thursday. Now, I have a question. I understand that I have to check in with my Dr after 30 days of taking the pills at which time we decide to stay on the dose or up it. However, all of the stickers the Dr got say "no refills" so that means I have to pysically go every month to the Dr to pick up the script! What's up with that? I can't even get the mail thing that would save me alot of money. I was under the impression that after the first 30 days-I would get a script for a certain number of refills. Anybody know anything about this?
I just called Glaxo and they said that there are absolutely no refills allowed but the Dr can write the script for as many pills as he wants! Well that's great except the insurance company will only pay for one month supply at a time locally or 3 month supply through the mail order system. Which means at best I will have to go to the Dr every three months for the script. Oh well, I guess I shouldn't complain too much. This thing better work after all of this!
Hey Shorty, thanks for being the only other pster here!
I do have the little blue wonder in my grubby little hands!!!
Will start tomorrow and will report on progress (i hope).
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Debbie, I had to go back to my dr after the first month but then he said it appeared to him that I only needed to call in for a new prescription, didn't physically need to see him. I've been getting my prescription locally because I didn't think the mail order would fill for 3 months. Do you think they will? I guess I should call and check, it about took an act of Congress to get them to cover it in the first place.Nanci
DebbieI think it's common for the doc to write for only 30 days when it's your first time taking a drug. That way they know the patient will get back to them for a follow up, because they need to check up on you to see how you're tolerating the drug. At least that's what my doc told me when I had the same thing happen. Once they know you're OK with the drug, they'll probably write you a refillable script.
*SO* Happy for you Deb. Finally!!!!
Could you talk to the Doc maybe and just leave a bunch of self-addressed stamped envelopes with the receptionist, so that they could mail you the scripts monthly? I mean you should call in at least once a month or so to let the Doc know how you are doing. But to go in every month is a royal pain.An actual appt. might not be necessary for 3 months depending on how you do. But see if the Doc can work some sort of schedule out that is reasonable. Try to see if they will mail the scripts to you monthly with the agreement that you will come in every 3 or 6 months or something.But I am so happy that you have them in your hands at loooooong last.
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Debbie, I'm so happy you finally got the little blue wonders!! Let us know how they work for you! My Drs. nurse said to just call in a few days before I need the next prescription and she will have it ready up at the front desk; I don't even need to see the Dr. I'm going to call her though a week before and ask if he can write it for 3 mos. so I can do the mail order thing and only pay 1 co-pay. My co-pay was $96 for 60 pills. What was your co-pay?
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Nanci--I haven't gotten my scripts, but they should arrive tomorrow in the mail. The Dr wrote a 1st script for 1 pill daily for 30 days, and affixed a sticker, and another for 2 pills daily for 90 days (180 pills), to mail to Caremark--which is also your script plan. It will cost me $50 co-pay and they will fill it as long as it has a sticker, and says "no refill". You may want to try it. I should get the script in the mail tomorrow--my first script will be filled at the Eckerds (they already ordered it for me) and with the Caremark card will cost $25. Good luck!! You have given such good advice to me in the past re: Caremark, hoped I helped you, too. Looking forward to tomorrow--nothing says "LOVE" like a little blue pill. Kitty
Cyndie: I called Glaxo and there are NO REFILLS at all allowed but the # of pills presecribed in one script is not restricted. (doesn't make sense to me). So I called the insurance co and they will allow me to do mail order so I can get 3 months at a time. BQ: good idea-I'll talk to the Doc. It's about a 25 minute drive to his office so this would help. Thanks. Shorty: the co-pay for 1 month at a local pharmacy is $35.00 and only $52.50 if I go the mail order route for 3 months! BTW: took my first pill today! I'm hoping for good things.
Glad you got the pills! Let us know how they work! When I called my Ins. in Dec., they said for a 3 mos. supply the co-pay would be about $50 for the mail-order. So, I'll go that round in a few weeks, and hopefully that will work. Good luck with the pills!! I'm still having a little gas, but that's ok!!
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Kitty Kat, thanks for the info. I'm going to check with the dr and see if he'll write it for the three months and no refills. That would be great if that works. I'll pay anything if I have too but it would be nice to get the three months at one co pay. Glad I was able to help you. I was really fortunate that our human resources person went to bat for me. I don't think Caremark wants to deal with her again!
Ok it's been a week. I've had a lot of gas pain which culminated today in a bad case of D. I am very dsappointed-I had to take immodium. I do rememebr this happening the first time around once and then everything was ok. We'll see.
Me again. Week two-same as week one-lots of painful gas, one day of very loose BMs (not quite D but urgent none the less.) I'm wondering if it's because the dose isn't enough to really regulate everything. I might try to take two a day for a couple of days to see what happens but then I'll be out of it by the time I need to get another script. I am under so much stress lately as some may know and I haven't been eating well. Maybe that's part of it but I don't remember that being a problem 2 1/2 years ago when I was going through my mother's death and all. I just wish it work like the first time.
Debbie, I kind of went through the same thing; at first it worked great, then I had a few days of bad gas pains and urgency, so I took some immodium. Now I'm doing great again. I think my IBS just was really bad and I need to get adjusted to the Lotronex. I tried taking 2 one day (1 in morning and 1 at night), but it made me feel real nervous and couldn't sleep. So, I'm taking 1 in morning and it seems to be doing good. I also went back to taking 2 calcium a day, which I need for my bones anyway. I think we just have to work with the dosages for a while and find what works best. It must be working, because I used to have to take immodium everyday and I've only taken 3 immodium in 3 weeks. Good luck!
Debbie - Same for me - not working as good as two years ago. Each week seems to get a bit better and I still need to be careful of what I eat. I've been back on for a little over two months and still don't have the confidence to plan a trip. Lotronex is still better than anything else for me. For instance, this past weekend, I had to take imodium both Sat. and Sun. and think it is because of popcorn I ate that had coconut oil in it - popcorn itself is a no-no. I was under no stress cause didn't have plans to go out and wasn't expecting company. After that episode, which I have to say was no where near w/o Lotro, I'm doing OK again. I was able to start drinking coffee again - 1 cup a day. I'm just hoping eventually Lotro will work as good as it did last time.
Update: I upped my dose to 1 and 1/2 tablets per day seeing as though the 1 was just not cutting it. Since I didn't take a pill every day when I first started I have enough to see me to my appointment with the Dr when I will ask him to increase my dose to 2 per day. So far-I've been doing great in the IBS regard on the new dosage. No loose stools at all and gas is definitely better and I even went through a death in the family. I really have hope now. I do hope that others can get on the right track. It seems 1 1/2 is the perfect amount for me. I take 1 tab at night then 1/2 at noon. Have not had any problems for over a week.
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