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Dr. Mary Ruwart for FDA Commissioner

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Here's the long and short of it: The FDA is messed up. Bad. They've been without a leader since Bush took office in January. A popular opinion is that they're being overly cautious to save their own hides while without leadership. It's much easier to deny us access to Lotronex and Zelnorm than take a risk. However, some people want to see this changed, like one of the potential candidates for FDA Commissioner, Dr. Mary Ruwart. From what we know about her, she seems sympathetic of IBS and highly supportive of new drug development. Here's a link to email communication I've had with her: Here's her website, which explains a little more about her views: If you wish to support her, as I've chosen to do so, you can fill out a simple form, which sends an email form letter to Pres. Bush at Her email address is Also send a paper letter to the president at: The White House1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NWWashington, DC 20500I honestly believe that at this point she's our best hope for both Lotronex and Zelnorm.Susan
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I have many concerns about endorsing any political individuals.I believe the voice of the patient is very strong. It may be usefulfor a political figure to endorse our activities but I do not believethat there is anything to gain by our group(s) endorsing anyone.I have read many email messages suggesting that there might be some sortof conspiracy at the FDA in not approving drugs related to IBS. Inmy discussions with the FDA they have never given me any reason tobelieve this. They are a professional group with a great deal ofresponsibility.I believe our letters to the FDA, CDER and OPDRA will carry great weightif we stay out of any political discussion but rather focus on our stories.Your letters should remind individuals what your personal limitations areas a result of IBS. Remind them why you want these drug(s).Everyone needs to be educated as to who the patient is and how they willbenefit from these medicines.Jeff
Jeff, I agree. If nothing else, we don't know who else may be up for consideration.As I have said previously, I think the only problem at the FDA right now is the fact that they are under a congressional microscope. That is not fair to us but I am not sure we can get our legislators to allow FDA to do their job without interference.Rhea
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