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Like most people I don't like going to the dentist, but not becasue of the pain, the drill, the needle etc... No, with me I am afraid to go because I feel trapped in the chair and what if God forbid, I start having stomach cramps. And of course I usually do. WELL,, I am excited today because yesterday I had a three hour appt. to get a dental bridge and I handled it like a pro. No cramps and almost no anxiety. HOW you ask ? I did a few things. 1. I took a sleeping pill the night before so I would not be run down and tired. 2. I did deep breathing / relaxation first thing in the morning and again in the car before going to the dentist. 3. I got there about 5 minutes late so there was no waiting and sweating it out in the waiting room4. I told the Dr. that I might have to get up and go to the washroom through out the appt., he was fine with that and asked me through out if I was ok. (I did get up once but just to pee) I truly think this was the most important thing I did, was get the Dr. onside and knowing that I could get up when I wanted. 5. I did take an immodium in the morning before I went, but usually I have cramps anyway when I get to the dentist. Here's hoping this is a sign of good times to come because it was an awesome feeling knowing that I coped with no adverse effects. Thanks for listening
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