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Drinking ENSURE for weight gain...will I get D??

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I hear ENSURE is good to drink for those of us who need the calories but I am worried with all of the vitamins in it will it make me sick or get D?? Any info helpful.....Thanks
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I've drunk Ensure upon occasion. Yes, it's good because it has lots of calories an vitamins. But, to me it is sooo sweet. The sugar in it (forget which kind) may be bothersome to some people.
I found Ensure to be to sweet also, it had high fruitose corn syrup in it which I shouln't eat.
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Ditto on the above comments. I do occasionally drink the Instant Breakfasts which contain sugar instead of corn syrup and mix it with lactaid milk. I'm a C though so I wouldn't know about it causing D.------------------C-Type IBS (slow motility)
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