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Drinking water and having problems?

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Does anyone else have problems with water?I can drink coffee, pop, tea, or even wine and not have problems i drink water and I get really bad dry mouth and very bloated and sick to my stomach,I use to drink a ton of water but now am scared of it. it makes me feel so sick and I drink distilled water we have a distiller and I drink bottled or filtred water.any help lauriedoe
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I can't offer anything about why this happens, but just wanted to let you know that I experience that "sick to my stomach" feeling too after drinking water. Not all the time because I can predict when and when not to drink it.I also have GERD and sometimes experience heartburn after drinking water at the wrong times. It happens when the water is too cold or if my stomach has been empty for too long.Does it bother you no matter what the temperature is or if your stomach is empty?
I kind of get nausea after drinking water sometimes. It's weird.
I can't explain why, but water gives me gas.
I'm always thirsty and drink water all day without any problems. Though I do use a filter. But if I'm dehydrated and drink a lot I sometimes get cramps and d - there's a reason for that, it triggers gastro-colic reflex or something.
Water also gives me gas. Sure would be nice to know why. IBS C/D and LG 22 years
hi, no it really does not matter what the temp of the water is it just makes me sick, the only time is if i wake up in the middle of the night i can drink a whole glass and be finewhat i don't understand is why it makes my mouth so dry when i drink two or more glasses of it?i also have gerd so maybe that has alot to do with it who knows not me.
have you ever tried propel fitness water,always works for me
I've been drinking nothing but water since my symptoms came back recently, since a nurse told me to have lots of fluids, and now that I think about it it doesn't seem to do much good...
Funny, since I read this message I stopped drinking water, and I don't feel so bad. I know it's a bit early for assumptions, but I wonder...
* 3 replies in a row *I have a suggestion for you. People tend to guzzle down water. It just sort of occurs to everyone to kick water down you real fast, whilst you usually don't with other drinks.Try drinking it slowly (this is more difficult than it sounds!) and see if it still has the same effect.Cause, y'see, when you guzzle a drink down you swallow a lot of air with it too, and a lot of it doesn't come out in a burp, so it goes into your intestine and you get gassy.
I have problems drinking water also. But only tap water. I've been drinking the Propel Fitness Water and that is not so bad because it has some kind of taste to it.
quote:Water also gives me gas. Sure would be nice to know why.
The simplest explanation is that it doesn't. There is already gas present in your digestive tract; the amount is very small, but in IBSers what you feel is magnified. The water probably gets the gut in motion and stirs up the gas. I'm assuming what you are describing is gas; it could just as easily be the case what you are experiencing isn't related to gas.
quote:Cause, y'see, when you guzzle a drink down you swallow a lot of air with it too,
False. This seems pretty silly. It's like saying if you drink fast, you'll drink more liquid too.
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I don't understand what I'm reading here. This sounds like a lot of excuses for not drinking the healthiest drink there is for any body, especially those with digestive problems. It sounds like none of you were getting enough water to begin with. I don't like the taste of tap water either. It has additives like fluoride, but I've learned not to guzzle it, or I drink filtered water. You've just got to find the water that is suited to you.
quote:It has additives like fluoride,
A good thing.
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Given that someone will object to this post, I am offering this info. to any of you who have problems with drinking your tap water (for those that have flouride in it). There is a lot of debate about flouride and some believe it causes gastro problems. Like I said, there is a lot of info. out there, but I found this article might be of interest to some of you.
Good info, snowbrd. I remember debates about fluoride being harmful to children. I've read books about how most of our food is genetically altered. And we all know about additives and pesticides and hormones in the food. I don't think our intestines were built for all these chemicals. I wonder how far back in history LG goes?
Well it has been proven that if you drink water or any fluids like that it will cause the stomach to swell slightly - This is not gas but trapped wind - Still has the same effects.As for stopping drinking water - DON'T do it - Drink it slowly, and just below room temperature - If you drink cold water it makes the body work harder to bring it up to a temperature that the body prefers - FACTHave you tried drinking hot water?? Hmmmm interesting fact, but it apparently calms the stomach down!!!! Try it with a slice of lemon if you prefer.How do I know?? Well let's just say I am close to a Gastro surgeon - Well we go out drinking at the weekends
quote: Well it has been proven that if you drink water or any fluids like that it will cause the stomach to swell slightly - This is not gas but trapped wind - Still has the same effects
If you guzzle it down that is!!!
Excellent article snowbrdgrl
quote:An article in the Irish Times of Dublin on August 16, 1999, reports that Dr. Hans Moolenburgh's research in Holland found that up to 4 percent of people using fluoridated water experienced health problems. These problems ranged from gastrointestinal disorders to mouth sores to rashes to headaches to forms of arthritis to more serious concerns such as cancers and neurological complaints.
OK so you stop drinking that water - But alcohol kills more people, smoking kills even more and yet people are more worried about WATER!!!Perspectives need to be taken into consideration
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