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I'm new to this site and have just been diagnosed with IBS-D though I've been sick for almost three years. My dr gave me clidinium/cdp and diphenoxylate. I took these two days and had a horrible night! More pain, diarrhea and nauesa. I read one post about depo shots, what are those? And what other meds have you guys found worked for you? I haven't pinned down any specific foods as causes. Honestly, one minute i'm planning lunch for my daughter and I the next I'm ready to toss my cookies! This all started 4 months after I had my daughter and my tubes tied. Usually the first days of my period are the only ones I have normal BMs. I am normally an upbeat person and if it wasn't for my faith I'd be down for the count. I'm trying to keep a positive outlook but it's really hard. Any advice would be welcomed. :love: KellyNC
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