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I had to vent.... My 3rd GI doctor is a dam idiot... Okay ... Yeah I know maybe I am just some "wacked out" person whohas mental issues. This may be true:eek:), but I do have common sense...Anyways I have been having all types of Gastric issues since Mid nov that turned into stomach issues through Dec, then in Jan 2010they turned into BLOATING, gas, & indigestion issues..... Please note I am a 36 yo male who has had anexity issues for few months(the type where i just dont feel good-little shortness of breath).. I have never been medicated though my wife would love for me totak something(I have tried a few XANAX, but only when the anexity feel like a panic).. I have NEVER had any stomach issues in 36years.My whole life I could eat ANYTHING.. So anyways I decided to see my GI today on Fec 1 just to let him know"Hey I still got these darn problems- after every meal or so horrible bloating etc".. While I was talking to him todayI decided to SHOW him my DIET/SYMTOMS LOG I have kept since Dec 8, 2009.. I started this log because from the advise of hisnurse she said "Its a good idea to document all foods that way you can hopefully find out what maybe is a trigger food"..Anyways so on Dec 8 just prior to my FIRST TEST (ENDOSCOPY) I decided to keep this informal log.. Well today when I went to his office I PROUDLY said "Hey doc along with my continuing issues I have my log"...Well he looked at me after I read last weeks issues and he said "Don you are OBSESSIVE COMPLUSIVE and that you need to see someoneto help control it". I calmly stated "Doc you may have a point because I tend to be obsessive compulsive at times and do suffer from anexity every so often, but PLEASEtell me what I did to give you that opinion?" He said "LOOK AT YOUR LOG that is OCD"..WOW!! I ALMOST BLEW IT!! .... I told him.. " Doc with all due respect your nurse told me it would be a good ides to keep trac of my diet!"..He said " well u took it a few steps further "... I said "Doctor COME ON.. Iagree i may have a mild OCD issue (he has all my primart care docs) but ANYONE who is conceren with their health could be that way and your observation of my OCD based on my LOG really conceren me on your ability".He said " Don from the begining you are not taking the medication I wanted u to such as Labrex for you IBS, PROTONIX for your GERD. I said " Oh okay and let me guess u want me to talk something for my OCD too?..He said " If needed.. u may want to take meds for that too...I said " So what about a CAT SCAN is that a waste too"..He said "Yes you dont need it you are OCD"..I said " Doc you wont be seeing me again - good by..I AM GOING TO DO A CHARGE BACK ON MY CO-PAY... My wife and I got into a fight because she agreed with him..ANyways... I feel I am 100% CORRECT! though I can take constructive critisim.. Do u all think I am WRONG?I think the Doc could of emphazisd my mental issues do tend to make this worse and I would agree, but for him to put allhis ammunition that my LOG is whats making me crazy and my mild stomach buring I though was crazy..PLUS what about my POOP.. Semi normal in the mornings and ROCK HARD BALLS at night.. He said u got IBSI said I am NO DOCTOR, but IBS /GERB is a enigma NO ONE can explain.... I am more coneren about something serious..he said well I am not..So what should i do? Get another doctor and get a HIGH RADIATION CAT SCAN for peace of mind or give it another month?Thanks for reading my nutty story:eek:)
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Sounds like he went to the same medical school as mine!After a whole battery of tests.....most known to mankind (and a few known to aliens!) he told me i had "one of those stomachs"!"one of those stomachs" is something i haven't been able to find in any medical text i've encountered so far.
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