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I get rib pain on both sides but mostly it's below my rib cage like in the waist area. It is a dull achey feeling. I also get back pains that throb (I'm overweight). I also get that lump feeling in my throat and I get really fatigued (even after sleeping a good night).I have been told that I have anixety induced IBS and that my IBS is causing me depression.I have all sorts of weird pains here and there. My stools are never normal and I get chest pains, sharp shooting pains in my rib cage and then sometimse a dull ache throb. I also get D and Consitpation. I am 220 pounds and 5'3. I think that's why I get acid refulx and I also think this is contributing to my aches and pains. I haven't lost the weight since the baby and I'm horribly depressed.I am seeing a special therapist on June 7th. I hope they can help me out.I am taking Doxepine at night for the depression.I am also using Kava, Oil of peppermint, Beeno, prescribed anti-spasms, the little purple pill, Fennel (for gas), Aciphodophilus (sp), Fiber supplements, Daily Vitamin, Fish Oil, Garlic pill, lyposene (antioxidant)and I try to drink a lot of water but sometimes my system can't handle it. It just all depends on the mood I'm in.This all started after I came down w/ a severe bladder infection two days after giving birth. I then started to think I was dying and my pains under the rib cage I thought were of course Cancer. I then seen my dr. who said I have anxiety and IBS. I had some tests done and it showed nothing. My anxiety has now turned to chronic depression.There isn't a day that goes by w/o feeling like ultra ####.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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