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Eat according to you blood type

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Have you guys tried eating foods based on your blood type? There's a good book on the subject which shows which foods are beneficial/harmful for each blood type. Food allergies was a precursor to my digestive problems. But I continued to eat what I wanted despite testing positive for wheat, corn, tomatoes. I have paid dearly with a spasmodic esophagus and colon...I now avoid those foods that I know are bad for my blood type...and I'm getting better with the aid of red clover and acupuncture, and prilosec.
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I urge people to stay away from fad diets like these. This particular diet is based on the completely ludicrous idea that certain foods are bad for one's blood type. In addition, the suggestions often contradict good diet sense and the result is an unhealthy diet.Some people may feel better on this diet, but dietary change is a mainstay of treating IBS. Your best bet to do that, however, is to consult a dietician and ignore a phony book like this one.
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