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Hi, Im new to this forum. I'm a 30 year old male from Sweden, who has had digestive problems, mostly with bloated stomach and gas, for some years now.

Since this fall it started getting worse, and now this last three or four weeks It have gotten really bad. A new symptom now is that i get heart burn when eating. It's like i can feel how slow my intestines are working, it feels like they arent letting the food continue from the stomach. I can eat a real meal maybe once per day, to not get to much stomach pains. Meals mostly contain of rice and some vegetable, sometimes with tofu. The rest of the time I eat oat-gurt and/or bananas and nuts, mostly walnuts. I also drink alot of tea, right now camomille. I only eat vegetarian food and most often no dairy or egg either.

I don't know what to do anymore. Ive eliminated all fodmaps, stopped with coffee alcohol and tobacco. I dont regularly work out but I bike long distances most days. When i've eaten a bit too late I eat a fiber-pill with rhubarb, fig, tamarind and acacia which seems to help with morning constipation.

Eating this little has made loose weight, and I was all ready thin before so it's worrying, I am also low in energy. I dont't know what to do now, nothing seems to make it better and its starting to get a bit scary. The doctors, as always, say they can't do anything.

Does anyone with similar symptoms have any suggestions for working remedies? Would be really thankful.
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