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If any of you are about to go in for the EGD, please note DO NOT WORRY! I am the worst, trust me and I can't believe how easy is was. I had never been in the hospital for anything before and was mainly scared of the iv and the drugs. The iv didn't hurt a bit. Once I finally got to the area they were to do my biopsy for the celiac test, they sprayed my throat to numb it and the last thing I remember was seeing a big needle going into my iv. That was IT! The next thing I know, I am in the waiting area with cotton mouth begging for a coke. I hope this will help someone out there not to be as scared as me. I had alot of support from a few of you that told me the same thing, but until you experience it I guess you are still skeptical. The worst part was the waiting, and I was tired (dizzy) and couldn't remember calling the people I did yesterday. Feel great today!!! Oh, by the way, I won't find out about the celiac results until next week. I could care less about the disease, I was more worried about the EGD. NO problem, whatsoever. Next time you guys tell me it's a cinch, I will be more apt to believe you. Thanks for the support. 2ndChance
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