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Embarassing question

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Hi,I've been caught in a flare up for 2 weeks now and I'm having a weird feeling in my rectum since a couple of days. It feels like a little pulse or peristaltism or air bubbles. Something's moving. It's like the same feeling you have when your stomach growls or your intestine makes loud noises. Only there's no noise and no gaz. Those this seem familiar to anyone? Is it normal for IBS ? What could it be ?
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The colon is always squishing and squeezing and moving things around.Some people get over sensitive nerves in the abdomen with IBS and seem to feel the stuff that your brain normally filters out. Even if you can't hear the noise made by sloshing stuff back and forth in there, it is still being moved around. The only time the colon goes silent and stops moving things around is when you have a complete obstruction and need medical attention for that.So, congratulations, it sounds like your colon is working and doing its job. IBSers if you do the right kinds of tests often have what is called rectal hypersensitivity, so it can be mostly a rectum thing rather than a whole colon thing.The more you focus your attention on the sensations and noises and all that even when it is functioning normally the more you will notice them. The brain will get as much information about what your consciousness tells it to. Like when you can block out other noises to focus on the conversation with the person you are talking to. If you keep going what the heck is that all the time you'll notice all the normal things something does, even if you don't normally feel it or consciously control it. Biofeedback training often uses that same thing to help you get something to behave the way you want (make hands warm or cold, lower your blood pressure, etc.).I would try as much as you can to just ignore it. When it is bothering you find something else you can focus your attention on even a crossword puzzle, a good book, a movie you like, or go for a walk, etc.
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