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I'm sorry, I know how you feel. Have you eliminated all carbonated beverages? Can you tolerate milk, cheese, butter, all dairy or do you need to cut those out too. What about potato chips, they will give you gas in a hurry and doesn't take much to do so. If you want to cut down on the flatulence, then cut down on your carbohydrates. Try leaving out potatoes, especially french fries and fried onions. I know all of this is hard, I've been there but play like you are on a diet because you are on a diet so to speak. Eat cereal in the morning if you can as this gives you fiber and that helps. Try something light for lunch like tuna sandwich or boiled ham sandwich with just a little mayo. Maybe an apple or a few raisins for dessert. Watch very carefully what you eat and see if you can figure out the food or foods which give you gas, then eliminate them from your diet. Good luck! PS-TEll us what you eat during a typical day. Maybe we can help you. Annem
1 - 1 of 66 Posts
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