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Endo and Ferttility?

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Hi I have just found out i am likely to have endo. I am waiting for Christmas to pass and then will go through all the usual. I wanted some feedback from anyone who has this about your fertility. My fiance and me are thinking of a family sooner rather than later but are now concerned about my fertility. I would be grateful for any kind of advice/feedback etcThank youCD
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I have endo and had my last lap in October last year. Afterwards my doctor told me I wouldn't be able to conceive, but exactly a month afterwards, I got pregnant. A woman I met at my 35 week appointment had the same thing happen to her, so we figured that since a lap basically "cleans" you up, it must sure help! So don't stress, endo doesn't mean instant infertility! *hugs*
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thanks Mishy - just a bit of a shock and i wanted to hear some good news like yours!! will find out for def and see what my options aregood thing is me and fiance are now seriously thinking about babies so something good has come out of it
You should get a laprascopy (outpatient surgery) to clean out any endo and then try to get pregnant. I read something last night that after the surgery a woman has 12 to 18 months to conceive. (best chances)I have endo, but have never tried to get pregnant (I am single).
Yeah, definitely get a lap and if you are ready to start a family get going ASAP. I had my lap in June but will be waiting a year and in the meantime on meds to keep the Endo at bay till next summer when we will start trying. Good luck CookieD!
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