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Endometrial Ablation

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Just curious if any of you have had this done, or know of someone who has.I am being encouraged that this is something I should consider. I'd just like to hear some other thoughts on what people who have had this think about it.I understand she feels it would help greatly with my anemia.
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Thanks Kath.Looks like this is a go for me in the near future. My anemia is so bad that other than hysterectomy, this may be my best bet. I also have problems with rectal bleeding, so the combo is not good at all. Infusions, transfusions and shots...oh my!
Could not do the birth control. It gave me severe migraine. It also helped, but not enough for the bleeding.Thank you for the site, I tooled around a bit on it yesterday. Lots to wade through.~Karen
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Valerie,Thank you and please do. I am so sorry you are having to deal with the bad things the prep brings on. I'm going to hope, HARD that it will be worth it.I will check back to see how it went, I appreciate the offer.~Karen
I hope you both are doing well, and that you heal quickly.I am anxious to hear how you both did.~Karen
Valarie,Such good news! I have been popping by here every day just in case you felt well enough to post.I think I will schedule mine the end of September after our next vacation. I see the doc in two weeks for the vaginal ultrasound and more talk on when and what they plan to do.Thank you so very much for taking time out of your resting and repairing time to post and let us know how it went. I may have questions as your healing progresses. I hope that is alright.~Karen
Diane,All these good reports are making me more and more comfortable in the decision. I've been to the EA site, and reading there too...but to be able to hear from you and Valerie is special because we already share one other major hurdle [IBS].I will keep watching this thread for updates, in case you both leave them...and I will be posting to let you know what my next appointment shows.I do have a quick question. Did you have a vaginal ultrasound prior to the procedure, and they knew about the fibroids, or were fibroids just discovered during the procedure?Thank you as well, for taking the time to reply to this thread. I don't do well with anesthesia so am always more anxious about that than the procedure itself [my blood pressure drops...I need to remember to tell them that before the surgery]. Hearing your positive outcome makes it lots easier to think of for myself.Thank you.~Karen
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Valerie,Please let us know what you hear. I am sorry you are having some problems with this. I hope they can get you help as quickly as possible.I went in for my vaginal ultrasound yesteray to determine what type of ablation would be best used and to make sure there were no abnormalties.Well, I have one fibroid as large as my uterus, and 3 smaller ones crammed in there as well. Ablation is not an option for me. Hysterectomy is.The one is so large that it is pressing my bladder down, and I will also have to have bladder suspension. None of this bugged me, overmuch, until she said she is afraid she cannot do vaginal hysterectomy as the fibroid is so large she doesn't think she can get it out that way, and will have to go through my abdomen. Means a bit longer recovery.But...I will finally get some relief in that area, and am anxious to get it all going.I see the urologist on the 22nd, and then the surgeons will coordinate surgery schedules. Looks like it will take place the end of September, first of October. [yahoo, I have a 12 day vacation the first of September, come back to work for a week, and then off for 6-8 weeks!!!]Ablation was something I had settled in my heart and head. Now it is on to settling something a bit different.Valerie, please let us know how you are doing.~Karen
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Valerie,Just checking in and hoping you are feeling some better and that your pain is NO MORE! Enough is enough!I am sorry you are having to go through any of this. I will keep you posted, and I will check here, because I want to know you are feeling some better...and you will.I'm just a wee bit older than you...46!
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