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Endometrial Ablation

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Just curious if any of you have had this done, or know of someone who has.I am being encouraged that this is something I should consider. I'd just like to hear some other thoughts on what people who have had this think about it.I understand she feels it would help greatly with my anemia.
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I've thought about letting them just go up in and fry everything...but my issues aren't usually in the range where they consider that appropriate treatment, yet.Usually when they get to that it means other things have failed, or you can't tolerate less invasive treatments (like birthcontrol pills especially on the Seasonal schedule where you only have 4 periods a year...which is what I am trying now. Doing it with Yasmine rather than Seasonal, because I had some itching after awhile with the other progesterone and Yasmine has a different one, so it made sense to try it with that). is a discussion group I found and that may be helpful, looked like they had tips and stuff.I would probably do this before getting a hysterectomy if things ever get to that point. I'd like to try to keep the uterus if possilbe because I think taking it out tends to shift other stuff in there around and I want to do the more conservative things first before that sort of surgery.K.
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