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Endoscopy question

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I am scheduled for an endoscopy on Friday with a small bowel biopsy. My question is this, how do you feel the next day? I noticed one post that mentioned that they had a stomach ache and D the next day. I can't afford to not feel well that day, as I have a big weekend planned so I am thinking of rescheduling. What was your experience?
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I had a slight sore throat the next day with no other problems (other than my usual IBS).
I had an endoscopy/colonoscopy on Wednesday and had a houseful of people the next day which was Thanksgiving! I was so worried, but lucky for me I had no problems whatsoever. I noticed a very slight soreness in my throat but nothing to complain about. I hope it goes very well for you too!! Good luck
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I had endoscopy/colonoscopy a week ago. I had a sore throat the next day and my voice was weak for two days afterwards, but nothing that wasn't bearable. I don't remember a thing of the procedure. I'm glad I had the endo and not just the colonoscopy, because the endo showed some esophagus damage from acid reflux and now I'm being treated for that in addition to IBS.
I had a very very slight sore throat and felt a little bit tired but no other adverse effects.if in doubt though reschedule - the last thing you want to do is run the risk of ruining your big weekend.Clair
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Same thing here, just a sore throat for a few days. Good luck on your decision, and whenever you do have the test I hope it goes well.
Thanks everyone for your responses. Everything went well and the only side effect was feeling a little sick to my stomach later in the day and I felt like I had a lump in my throat for two days. Eveything is fine now.
Poopster,Glad to hear all went well with your endoscopy.When do you find out your results?Clair
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