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I need some input on this subject. Wifey had an upper GI last Thu and her results came in this Mon morn. The Doc's impression is that she may have moderate to severe escophageal reflux. No esophagitis or hiatal hernia TG! However,they want her to go for an endoscopy to check and find out if there was any damage done to the esophagus. This of course has wifey all bent out of shape. She called me on my cell phone from work this morn and is scared off her witts to get knocked out and have that tube go down her throat ...aarrgghhh! I'm sure some of you have been through this proceedure before. If any of you would be so kind enough to share your past experiences from this,I will be very grateful. I assume that they DO knock you out completely and perhaps there maybe a little discomfort afterwards. My mom's live-in companion had it done a year or 2 ago and has said that he didn't have any problems with it. I,so far haven't had to undergo such a proceedure,but who knows what lurks ahead. Any feedback would be appreciated!
Thank you in advance.
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Hi John,I haven't had the scope yet but am having both ends done at the same time next monday.Many people here helped me get past the fear..although I am still NOT looking forward to the tests..just getting them over and done with! I'll be spending my Easter Sunday in the bathroom with no food preparing for the test on Monday..They say here that you don't remember after it's over due to the great drugs used.Good luck
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JohnI've recently had an upper and lower GI endoscopy at the same time - and honestly the fear of the unknown is always worse than the actual procedure.I actually did mine without any meds whatsoever (and hey I'm the biggest chicken when it comes to hospitals!)and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.If the doctors are offering sedation then you wife will remember very little or nothing at all of the procedure because she will be so relaxed.I think the best thing you can do to help her is to reassure her that you will be there at the hospital with her, and afterwards when she's feeling better take her out for a small treat for being brave.I can honestly say its not that bad - and only lasts 5-10 minutes at the maximum...and even without meds - its all over very quickly.The staff at the hospital are always very kind, supportive and caring - so they will help allay any of her worries and/or fears.Hope it goes OK for your wife,Clair
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Hi, I just had the upper endoscopy procedure about a month ago and my experience was that it was a snap. The easiest thing I've gone through yet test-wise...much easier than the upper gi even. I was totally out for the procedure so the last thing I remember was the doctor coming into the exam room and talking to me for a few minutes and the first thing I remember after that was waking up in recovery maybe 30 minutes later?? The only thing that I even noticed was feeling kind of strange the rest of the day...sort of out of it but nothing too disturbing or anything. I usually feel really sick a lot so by far the worst part of the whole experience was just driving the 30+ minutes to the hospital.
HI, John; I had the procedure along with a colonoscopy last August and was completely put out with a short-term anesthetic (which I didn't want!), but usually they just give you conscious sedation for it -- and you are aware of what's going on, but don't feel a thing, and don't remember anything afterwards. It's really nothing. She won't feel a thing.I'm also on a heartburn website and everybody there says it's a snap, too.
Re-assure your wife that if she is sedated, she won't remember even having the procedure. I had the upper GI, Colonoscopy, and a gastric emptying scan. I was petrified of the upper GI the most because I have a sensitive gag reflex and was sure I would not be able to do it. Turned out the worst was the gastric emptying scan...and that was because I had to eat a cup of radioactive oatmeal!!! (enough radioactive so they can light up your gut I think)There is a little throat discomfort..that was it.Take it from me...I have a really low pain tolerance level
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I had one done a month ago and it wasn't bad at all. the only part i didn't like was the sedation didn't sedate me because i have such a high tolerance to drugs, it did relax me so i didnt feel nothing but it shocked the doctor because i was supossed to be out, but alot of people get this test done without anything and they are fine. I would tell your wife that there is nothing to worry about, it's a little cold in those tie back hospital clothes other than that it's fine.In fact my docotor took samples of my stomach and didn't even know it or feel it.So good luck, hope the test comes out fine!-------------------Cadia
when i had it done it was actually put down my nose. the hardest part was swallowing it, but i have to admit i'd rather have it done again than a lower gi. it really wasnt that bad and it was kind of neat to watch. i wasn't sedated.
I want to thank you all for your prompt responses. Wifey seems to be taking it pretty good. The responses have been helpful.------------------John
John, I had it done awhile back and I am a big sissy after having so many other tests. I told the nurse that I was really scared and to talk to me. He joked about football and silly stuff. The icky part was the spray they put on the back of my throat to numb it, (tastes terrible)but by the time I said "yuck", I was out.I woke up just fine with no ill effects except being a bit sleepy.
John, I had mine done on March 27th and made the mistake of not being sedated. I can honestly say it was the single most traumatic experience of my life, 15 minutes of sheer hell.I gagged, coughed and spluttered and was very glad when it was over. It was truly terrifying! I was not made to, consciously, endure a 3 foot tube going down my throat. Afterwards though, there is only a feeling of irritation at the back of the throat for a few days.If she is sedated it won't be a problem, please just make sure she is. [This message has been edited by tunde (edited 04-12-2001).]
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