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ENERGY--I need some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I posted the message about GINSANA!!!I was wondering if anyone has heard of it and if it has helped. It is supposed to make your body use oxygen better and give you more energy. I also wanted to know if anyone on this site has IBS or LI or BOTH and HAS energy. If so, i want the secret please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Any suggestions????????????????????Matt
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I have energy sometimes. I find the more I do the more energy I seem to have. It is all I can do to walk around the block some days, but if I force myself to do that, then the 2nd block is easier, etc. When other things do not get in the way I find a brisk walk in the morning before work works wonders, and a slow stroll before bed helps me to relax and sleep. IBS DOES seem to sap the energy though. ------------------Praying for a cure for this NASTY IBS!
Hi Matt & all
Sorry, we werent ignoring your previous postas it moved to the next page. Unfortunately Its difficult to keep up with all the threads with this heavy BB traffic, especially when one isnt here very frequently
. OK back to your initial question...When you say "Ginsana" Im guessing & please correct me anyone if Im wrong, but its main ingredient is Ginseng or a close facsimile thereof? If so, My mom is heavily into chinese/oriental herbs, medicines where its predominant in Chinatown, NYC. She believes that in the long run, these herbs absolutely enervate you. In fact, my mom "had" ibs in her late 40's for about 10yrs followed by literally years of various herbal concoctions (not only limited to "Ginseng" or its cousins) she now no longer suffers from ibs, at least its very mild. As for me, many of these exotic herbs ie Ginseng etc create gas/dyspepsia sometimes, hence I cannot ingest my mom's beloved anti-ibs soups at the frequency which would "remedy" the ailment. Hope I havent miscontrued "Ginsana" and its main ingredients.also, a ??? for you what does "LI" stand for
?IBS + Energy = yes sometimes, when I get 6 hrs of sleep a night AND when Im not having Frequent "D" episodes. Tho admittedly, even in the absence of D, cramps just about tires me out! However even while Im having a bad week & if there's something I want or enjoy doing
, somehow my body finds the energy to allow me to complete my activities be it work or play provided Im not in too much pain or discomfort. Moderate exercise like brisk walking helps me too.Have a good weekend Everyone
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lisa K,Thanks for answering my post. First off, "LI" stands for Lactose Intolerance. It is my other burden. I am not sure what is in Ginsana. I heard about it on the radio. Probably a scam but i thought i would check. I really wish there was something to take for energy. I try to exercise and i get 6-8 hours sleep usually. Don't always sleep well and that, along with the IBS really saps my energy. Plus, of course STRESS. I just need some kind of supplement. I am also a "C" Type. I was doing pretty good about a week ago for once (was even going to the bathroom more regularly)and then i ate something and i could just feel a change. I don't know what it was i ate. i can't figure it out. Matt
I was taking ginseng extract while in accupuncture. Neither had any effect for me (beyond the gee-whiz factor). At this point, finding a cure for IBS is going to have to wait until i can find some energy although they are probably connected. I believe that in my case sleep plays an important role. Even if there is a problem with the GI tract, shouldnt 6,8, 10 hours of sleep leave us refreshed?
I am ibs/c and have alot of energy. I work 7 days a week. If had to say i had a secret....that would be my 2 naps i take during the day.
jcfa..... when I was in my "Fatigued" mode, it didn't matter how much sleep I got. Even a nap did not refresh my energy. You would think it would, be for me anyway, it doesn't help a bit
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MattYou bring up an interesting dilemma I myself am having. I too, am a C, and keep wondering if I should start sacrificing some sleep and try to exercise more instead, to feel better and have more energy. I typically get about 9 hours sleep during the week and at least 11 on the weekends. And napping is one of my favorite pasttimes. I took Ginsana around August of '98 during a high stress time but felt no differences (I took it for a couple of months). What I have noticed is I have more energy when I eat a breakfast like egg-white omelettes. The problem is I can't stomach any food until about 4-5 hours after I wake up, so I'm eating breakfast mid-morning most days.Keeping a food journal and tracking my stress level as well as my overall "feeling good" factor each day helps me track what little patterns there are to this.Karen
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I feel the same way about not understanding why i wouldn't be refreshed after 7 hours sleep. I even take naps sometimes. People in school with me sleep three hours and are fine. i would die.I need something to boost my energy levels. Eating doesn't help because practically anything i eat makes my stomach hurt in some way. Although, i do overeat quite a bit. Just makes it worse.It is hard to function normally in school like this or i imagine anywhere else. I don't have the energy to function.Any suggestions would be appreciated. Matt
I'm falling asleep reading this. All weekend I was tired and listless. I'm pretty sure it is IBS. Please post if anyone has a remedy
Hi there,Ginsana is not really a waste of money, sometimes it does work, it just wasn't the right component for me and my fatigue. I tried it a few years ago for my fibro with almost zero results. I also tried One a Day energy supplements, that didn't work either.Naps don't do much for me either, I am always tired. I have started on Borage Oil, which is a higher dose of evening primrose oil, and actually feel better, but not by much. Maybe with some more time I will improve.I have found walking sometimes makes things better, gives me more energy and perks me up, but anything more than a couple swings around the block and I am pooped.Good luck!
Hi Matt & us Weary (Fatigued;o))Folks, LI = Lactose Intolerance. Thanks for the de-abbreviation. yup, I have that too, Im pretty sure. Although I havent attempted to eat Dairy in a long time, it probably only takes a glass of milk to get me going
.Ive gotta confess, I sleep very little on work nights, roughly 4hrs until the weekend rolls by & I crash & burn. I almost have no energy to do anything "fun" because Im so tired during the week. Its a *mental* discipline problem coupled by Stress/or depression. Personally as youve noted Matt, I will "die" if I continue w/this poor sleeping pattern accompanied by *ibs*. Conversely excessive sleep also makes me "tired" (Karen has a pt)Tequilla - before *ibs* I was seldom "tired" *ibs* warrants extra rest/sleep for me
.For "Zaps" of energy I must *must* take a multivitamin (ie Centrum) because I realize Im not consuming adequate nutrients or proper rest & I do believe this helps ALOT. On an Emotional level, the energy derives from the *Motivation* to do things inspite of ill-health. I suffer from indigestion & cramps frequently which literally depletes my energy, makes me bloated-feeling & lethargic. I need "naps" too, when I can I fit them in. Although I still lack the "stamina" required for focus at work & driving, I manage mentally which I realize is dangerous. Sleep is a huge factor, the hrs must be *consistent*. Im working on improving that FAST. Matt, you need energy for school, its quite taxing on the brain. Im sorry I dont have "real" ideas for you, this is all Ive done & known.Fatigued
Question, if youre following this thread. Are you really un-fatigued now?? A week ago, you posted your "success". I was curious re: your continued progress. Please tell. Sleep well + Happy ibsless days to all.
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lisa k,Thanks again for replying. I totally agree about the sleep. Sometimes too much is bad too. Nothing seems to work. Normally, foods bother me (most) but if i eat something really wrong like i recently did, I am hurting for a couple weeks--intense bloating and cramping. Except i don't know what the food is. I take a multivitamin too but i honestly don't think it helps. I definitely need more energy for school. Although i am thinking of a career change, I am currently in medical school and find it impossible to keep up. Everyone does, but with all my extra problems, it is almost impossible. Anyone with any energy boosting suggestions, please replyMatt
Fatigued, you said "when I was in my "Fatigued" mode". Does that mean somethings changed, a way to control it?
Fatigue, all these replys have been very interesting. Ever since being diagnosed with IBS fatigue has been a big factor. Have tried many things but nothing really seems to help. I get through my job most days, then come home and drop. The waking up at night with D and cramps plays a part in the interrupted sleep. Dr. really hasn't been much help in this area. Constantly feeling tired can be very depressing. Sure wish there was aan answer for this. Mary JO
I am agreeing with everyone here. I come home from school and try to do work and i am just wiped out. I can't concentrate and i don't end up getting much done. I have also found my doctor not to be of much help. What really angers me is that he doesn't take me seriously. He thinks it is no big deal or that is the sense i get. He told me to just take some prune juice, like that is the anecdote!!! Please!!Matt
Yes, I am still un-Fatigued. As long as I have no D, my energy comes back. I have only had D once in the two weeks since I started acidophilus, and I know exactly why I had it that one time
Yesterday, I felt 100% like my old self again.I do also take calcium and metamucil, but the turning point was adding the acidophilus. Sure hope it keeps on working!
I noticed something last night. I yawned, and then realized I have not yawned since all of this started. It was a good yawn, like I was going to be ready for a good nights sleep soon. I slept great last night and woke up refreshed. Did anyone else lose their yawns?
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Hi Matt & Folks
This topic really hit home today, had a bad colon nite/a.m. Right now Im at work Matt, & I cannot concentrate. Sometimes as the day progresses despite my ill-symptoms I manage ok. TG. but I worry, Im weary & quite honestly Im pissed (at ibs) so plz read this w/ commiseration
Folks. This BB helps today as Caltrate, Acido, Librax, Pepto etc arent helping much now. The only thing I have is "Time". Hoping it'll pass soon. please. Matt, you mentioned that you are pursuing a medical career
; A career I craved while in college. Undecided about the direction in life, I didnt pursue it mainly due to $$$ reasons as *ibs* was not a factor then. This field requires ALOT of energy, from studies to internship to total diligence. I empathize because if I were to make a career switch now, I dont think my *ibs* can handle it. I wish you alot of luck in the resultant field you choose. Albeit youre a ibs-C, Im a ibs-D, the gen. feelings of GI discomfortare felt across the Board. I understand your concerns re: your Med studies atop of ibs & everything else is a feat! *Jcaf & Fatigued
Im on acido caps since 97 & Caltrate since 12/98 Both have helped tho I cant calibrate any "huge" difference perhaps it "stabilized ibs". I didnt have "D" for almost 2 yrs, but cramps/bloating/indigestion are omnipresent. Since Summer 99 the Periodic D has returned
& my energy level varies greatly. *SECRETS* anyone?? Guess our individualistic & Gen. remedies vary. *FOOD* is my worst ibs trigger too. Matt mentioned eating wrong recently & Im guilty of the exact same thing. I can usually pinpoint the item tho, & it takes a while to recover. MaryJo
once home from work, after a chore or so I am dead to the world. forget fun. what is that again? The *secret*? Matt, is LESS ibs symptoms- management of symptoms?! your Doc is insensitive, Ive had "C" too, and if "prune juice" was the utmost remedy, you wouldnt be complaining anymore. Interesting thread. Thanks for letting me explore & Vent here.
Have a good week guys/gals
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