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equalactin - does anyone take this med?

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I was at my gastro last week and am on lotronex. Am having constipation (which is really new to me) she gave me equalactin to try and am afraid only because I don't know what to expect yet I need help with the c. Anyone taken it? Thanks in advance for you kind responses.------------------
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Carole, I have taken it before and it seemed to help, but for me it helped more for d then c, but you can give it a shot. others on the bb have found it useful. You still should have other sources of fiber I believe however.Here is some info for you: ------------------
eric, thanks so much for your prompt reply. I have such a long history of gastro, colo-rectal stuff that I will one day get to put it all down. In the meantime I think you are right I haven't been able to handle fruit, vegetables , juices (maybe in mi-nute amounts) but with the lotronex feel maybe just maybe I can start adding more fiber and I think I will go to the citricil as for now I am more comfortable with it. I am also pretty new to this bb and not so great at the computer but did get to the sites you referred me to. I am going back to your site shortly. thanks again. Carole------------------
Carole, I would try this and perdiem in the brown bottle for a while and see if that helps. ------------------
Carol-I take fibercon which has the same ingredients as equalactin. I have been taking 2 fibercons daily for many years (since my scope which diagnosed IBS-had alot of D at the time). Now I would say I can go both ways, C and D or on "good days" I just go alot. The fibercon definately helps me but it is different for everyone. I think you'll need to give it at least 2 weeks before you can know if it is helpful to you. Hope this helps and feel free to e-mail me any time if I can help you further
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Carole -- I have used equalactin to stop attacks (I am IBS/D) it definitly helped, especially with the abdominal pain....make sure you drink tons of water with it though...especially if you are taking it for the back of the box VERY carefully!
Ditto ChrissyC - you have to drink lots and lots of water if you're C. I took it and it helped, but found fibercon to be cheaper (from what I remember they had the same active ingredient). I switched to taking magnesium supplements since I can't drink that much water while at work.Ty------------------There is nothing so strong as gentleness,and there is nothing more gentle as real strength.
Thank you all so much for your help. I really have a problem with lots of meds as my gut reacts badly to calcium, metamucil, magnesium, etc. at least it did a while back. I just can't handle anything too strong. I also have no storage in my colon as my sigmoid was removed about four years ago due to a rectal prolapse and a sigmoid that was ulcerated. So as I have no reservoior it is sooooo difficult for me to judge too much fiber-too little fiber. Up until the lotronex I would go anywhere from 5 to 15 times a day. Maybe along with the citricil (in the past it has helped with D and I think i am too chicken to try anything else right now}. My gastro is wonderful and I just saw her I think she would say to me perhaps lower the lotronex which could be another option. Well guys thanks again for all your input. It means a lot to me.------------------
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