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eric-What Meds Improved Your IBS?

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I remember reading an old post of yours saying you took anti-depressants(?) or anti-anxiety, I can't find that post, I wanted to read it again.
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A, that might be in the old archives.I took Prozac though and it worked really well for three months for the IBS and then stopped working and instead gave me some bad side effects, with sleeping, headaches and sex and I felt a little dazed all the time. But when I first took it I thought it was the answer for me.The last med I took was valium and it was good in general but just in the way it works on the body. It would also help me to relax and sleep when I was in bad pain and stay kind of calm through out the day although I was only on 5mgs a day. I liked the drug, just didn't want to be on it long term for the rest of my life.Dyclomine worked for two weeks and then stopped working.Levsin has helped in the past somewhat, but I only took it when I had a problem. I was never really on it.Donnatal somewhat, but not enough and again has some drawbacks and doesn't really do anything for the condition itself.Librax, nothing.I have to say that I use to feel like a medicine cabinet and I hated that. I don't think I can even remember all the drugs and OTCs I took and in someways it was negative in itself to my IBS. I am not taking anything at the moment for it, no otcs or meds.The hypnotherapy for me has been the answer bar none after thirty years and I would still scream it from the rooftops, but I sound like a broken record to some.
But if I was asked, what to try right now, I would say Hypnosis or CBT for the long run. Of course diet minipulation and the common sense things most IBSers know.And medications certainly have a place in all this and I am in no way opposed to them. I would combine lotronex or Zelmac or any medication with the mind body therapies for the best possible outcomes. Also anti-spasmatics can be a plus for some.I also want to say I am way more educated on my condition then before I joined the group and that has helped tremendously.------------------Moderator of the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Anxiety and Hypnotherapy forumI work with Mike and the IBS Audio Program.
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If you have IBS D, I recomend 15 Mg. of Remeron at night. No side effects for me yet. Only makes you a little hungry & a little sleepy.
I think some people have found Amitriptyline works for them.------------------Moderator of the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Anxiety and Hypnotherapy forumI work with Mike and the IBS Audio Program.
When my IBS got to be major problem I was having the Big D after I ate. After a few really scary "accidents" of total loss of control I stopped eating if I was going out. I was experiencing small panic attacks at church, meetings and even shopping. My gastro doc sent me to a therapist and he put me on 30mg of Remeron at night and gave me Xanax for the anxiety.After reading posts here I started taking more calcium. The Remeron,Xanax and calcium helped with the panic attacks but I was still having terrible "bouts" of diarrhea but less often. In Feb. my GP put me on Questran. It has helped me the most. I still take the Remeron but have cut down on the Xanax to 2 small (.25mg) tablets a day. I think now if I had had the Questran from the onset, I wouldn't have needed the others.I have tried cutting back the Remeron at night to 15mg but I would have a little problem the next morning. My doctor said it could just be because I was lowering the dosage and I would have to do it slowly. I think the Questran is the answer for me and it has helped me the most. I also have high cholesterol so it will also help lower that. Questran, I can't say it enough.
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