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Eric- Would Steroids Help Sphincter?

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I saw a diagram finally of a sideview of the sphincters, internal and external, and how things look when they are relaxed. I'm gonna try kegal exercises. ANYWAY,
I was wondering if steroids would play a positive role in that area of the canal? If I can find the website again I'll post it here, I do remember it was a Dr. writing over 15 chapters about different disrders and had diagrams.
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A, stay away from steriods for IBS a bad and unsure way to treat IBS for sure. It opens the door to a host of other severe problems.The excersises are good however. There is still the bioofeedback as well and I would also pose the question to a doc, I don't think I have ever asked any of them that question.You also have to remember this is one part of IBS and one part of the digestive tract. But I understand where you are going with it.
A, something of interest to talk to your doc about.
My surgeons informed me to stay away from steroids if you have had abdominal surgery. Steroids can cause adhesions to grow, wish I would have know this in 1999 as I was treated for a bursitis with steroids.char
I am in complete agreement with Eric. Stay away from steroids at all costs.They negatively changed my life forever.Evie
Quote:Because pelvic floor muscles are controlled voluntarily, their function can be improved through various learning procedures - such as biofeedback. _____________________________________Kegal exercise are the absolute best way to strengthen your inner muscles.if you combine an exercise regime with something like biofeedback you might increase you results.I am a firm believer in a proper physical response for the body organism.You will be working with the pubococcygeus muscle and trust me, that little muscular control will make many many aspects of life all the more interesting.Look up the role and function of the PC muscle and go from there.You may have to sift through some odd sites but eventually you will find the medical articles.Voluntary muscle reactions can be trained to a conditioned reaction response.Kamie
Oh, one more thing about steroids.Steroids are useful only in very specific circumstances.I was recently put on steroids for 4 days for a drug poisoning I got in a hospital.I needed the steroids because the internal inflammation was doing too much damage.A steroid used as a very short term therapy does not do the kind of damage we see with a lot of steroid problems. There are also some autoimmune disorders where people depend on the immune system supression with steroids to keep their body from destroying it self.In the case of an autoimmune disorder the consideration would be very different.Prednisone is the most destructive of the commonly used steroids. It is a destructive element because it does a huge systems supression.Another steroid, Azathioprine, is much less destructive and Azathioprine is often given as a maintenance dose for long term steroid use because it is supression specific.Steroids should never be taken lightly and probably only if ones life depends on a therapy of that kind.Kamie
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Thanks guys, kegal exercises sound like my best bet, I'm gonna have to look into biofeedback, like the cost and whether my insurance will cover it or not. I have to wait til january, that's when the insurance kicks in, and I'll also have to get an xray and test done to give me a diagnosis and treatment.
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