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Every city needs this - bathroom guide

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Ty, by putting at the front of the address and at the end, without leaving spaces, it will highlight the address so that people can just click on it from here. Like this: Just thought this might help and save time.------------------"A merry heart does good, like medicine."
Otay - thanks Lynn!Ty
Wow! Cool idea, I think I could personally make a website for the state of Virginia.
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Yes, every city should have one of these. I can personally vouch for the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. My brother-in-law was married there and the bathrooms were spectacular. Oh, the wedding was nice too. I bought a book some time ago at a used book store called "Dear John A Guide to Some of the Best Seats in New York City" by Lana Toni Gersman, copyright 1984. It is probably out of print or needs to be updated, but still has helped me out countless times in the big apple which never has enough toilets. She doesn't rate them, just gives you locations.
Hey Jen.If you do the western half, I'll do the eastern part
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Tee hee hee
you've got a deal Bill.
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