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Evolution of IBS

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Hello all.As you can guess, I have IBS. I believe it's a combination of IBS-C and IBS-D. Some days I have perfectly normal stools, some days I have watery, frequent stools, some days I don't go to the toilet for 48 hours.I almost always have gas and I suffer from acid reflux too. Now, I will say that IBS is annoying as hell and I'd be glad to cure it, but I'm "lucky" in that way that my IBS doesn't really prevent me to live a normal life. Except for vacation.... I won't be able to enjoy certain types of vacation any more but that's not a real problem. The only thing that makes my IBS "bearable" is, I believe, very simple: whenever I feel I need to go to the bathroom, I can hold it up like a normal person if needed. Even when I'm in a period of frequent, watery stools, I can hold it up when I have to. I think this is really a good thing.But I got to be honest, I'm an axious person. And my biggest fear at the moment is not the IBS I have at this day, but my fear is that it will evolve into an extremer case where I won't be able to hold up my stools any more. My fear is that one day, I won't be able to sit in the bus on my way to work, take a walk in the streets, enjoy an evening in a pub with friends, etc without the fear that I could suddenly have an attack of diahrrea and that I'd have to find a bathroom within 60 seconds if you see what I mean.So, my question is, is it common for IBS to evolve into an extremer form? Is it usual for IBS of my type to evolve into a form where you could have a sudden onset of diahrrea and where I basically lose my ability to hold it up when needed?I know this question might sound weird and stupid, but that really is my only fear. My doc says IBS usually doesn't evolve so drastically, but she knows I'm an anxious person and she might just be telling that to reassure me. Does anyone know an answer?
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Hi from what you described, I would tend to agree with your dr. that your IBS won't evolve like that. IBS isn't as predictable, but from personal experience (I have mild to moderate IBS), even when sometimes I get a really bad flare up (like I just did about a week ago), I usually get better and get back to the much milder symptoms. When I was under tremendous stress a few years ago, my symptoms did get worse, but when I graduated grad school and gradually get back to a more reasonable and less stressful lifestyle, I've been back to having mild symptoms. So, the key thing is to try not to make the anxiety worse (as the anxiety will add to a already-stressed out system).
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