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Has anyone tried filling out an extenuating circumstance form cos of IBS for exams? Last year I had to get one from my doc cos of migraines....and I know they pay attention to them when marking, its worth a try if you feel your IBS will affect your grade.With regards to how to survive exams, I have IBS d (usually!) and the morning of exams I got up at 5AM to eat lots of bannanas and porridge to make sure that everything was out! plus it gave me time to revise! On the way to the exam I sipped lucozade sport to keep my brain awake...dont worry you can get through it...I managed..take earplugs so you dont have to listen to your tummy rumble!A plus point about exams and IBS is that everyone else in the room will have D through nerves and you will have the advantage here as you are prepared for it and have dealt with it before.Best of luck!RobbieUK...cant go to the toilets?? thats a bit harsh! hope they have mops and buckets close cos ALOT of people are gonna need to go! Hope you are less stressed now. good luck
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