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I am 30, have had IBS all my adult life, and have recently developed an extremely painful external hemorrhoid as a result. I was in so much agony last week that I went to the ER, on my doctor's advice; he thought they could remove it, or at least drain the blood clot. But after 3 exams by surgeons in the ER, they all said it is too inflamed for surgery - I have to wait it out, until the swelling goes down. Problem is, with my IBS-D and -C, I can't see it ever going down. It's only gotten worse since then. Apart from being paralyzed by the pain, I can't go to work, and basically sit in the bathtub all day (their only suggestion for what would make it better). What do you recommend? Is this uncommon? Are there foods that would help? I already take Citrucel and follow Heather van Vorous's diet. THANK YOU.
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