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fainting/light headed

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Does anyone else suffer from light-headedness and dizziness after eating? I was recently diagnosed with IBS and told that these symptoms are probably related to that. I basically feel like I am going to faint after each meal, and one time I actually did. I am currently taking Zelnorm, which is helping with my constant constipation, but the light-headedness persists. Any suggestions?
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I think this is a vagus nerve response which is a separate issue from IBS.But things going on in the GI tract can trigger this feeling faint thing. Abdominal pain is one thing that can trigger it so some IBSers have this associated with the IBS thing. This is why President Bush II fainted when he swallowed a pretzel wrong during the first term. But you may need to be tested separately especially if it is interfering with daily activity. has some info about testing and treatment.K.
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i have been suffering from light-headedness too, and ive actually been passing out for short periods, i have been getting the awful headaches for years and was told they were "stress headaches" i was not convinced that was what was causing them, it felt as if someone was doing this
on top of my head or worse drilling on top of my head.Anyway after a long time nagging my doc to do something i.e investigate these headaches she referred me to see a neurologist at my local hospital (and i dont wanna freak you out) hes sending me to get a brain scan he was worried that "stress headaches" do exist he said that if was the case why was i passing out?im just waiting word from the hospital for the scan.Like i said i dont want to stress you out but i would deffo get it checked out. good luck , let me know how you get on.
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I too have spells of feeling lightheaded and dizzy. Its not everyday or anything , but when it happens, sometimes its so bad I have to go and lay down and I cant even stand to watch tv or anything. I have never passed out from it. I have had my blood checked and everything other than my choloesterol is normal. My cholesterol is a little bit high but I dont know if thats what could be causing it for me or not.
Usersg, If your light-headed spells & fainting are happening shortly after meals, you might be suffering from post-prandial hypotension (i.e. low blood pressure after eating). What happens in this condition is that the rush of blood to the digestive system following eating causes the blood pressure to drop too low, which results in feeling faint or fainting. It's similar to vasovagal syncope, which KathM mentioned. Indeed, many people with vasovagal syncope find that they often experience symptoms after eating. They often do better if they eat little and often rather than eating 3 larger meals a day.Fainting can be related to IBS because an extremely strong bowel contraction can sometimes cause a vasovagal reaction, as can straining to have a bowel movement. However, you can get injured when fainting so I think you really should get checked out to see if you've got postprandial hypotension &/or vasovagal syncope.I suffer from vasovagal syncope & postural tachycardia sydrome which cause me feel faint several times per day and actually faint several times per week so I know how you feel.Good luck,ClareM
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