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Fasting/Colon Cleansing????

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I am just curious to ge some comments on Fasting/Colon Cleansing: Manily what works??? In particular the popular MASTER CLEANSE(Does it Help???) I have never fasted before, but these stomach pains/constipations/etc are really starting to get to me, and I was wondering if trying to purge the colon through fasting might give me some serious progressmany thanks
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Hi Luke,I have used colon cleansers (different kinds) in the past and they did help move things along and out........As for fasting, I fasted once for 3 days and it really screwed my system up. I have a problelm with C so need to eat something daily to keep things from hanging up in there and really binding up in me. not saying it works that way for everyone but that is how it worked for me.
Unless you know how to handle a fast and exactly what kind of fast you would be attempting and for what exact purpose, it's best not to mess with that stuff.Even a lot of holistic people say that the American lifestyle does not lend itself to a proper fast. a lot of people won't even do a spiritual fast unless they are in the Ashram or some properly controled environment.As for cleaning out, that is a whole other ball of wax.Before doing anything you need to discuss your problems and plans with your doctor.To begin any kind of cleaning out process keep it simple and begin with eliminating liquids that contain caffine and color and fizzle.When you get it down to drinking water for your main beverage then you would be ready to begin to eliminate other things from your diet.I always say begin with the elimination of unnecessary beverages because most people have a really rough time letting go of the huge amount of beverages they drink that are not water.You are just going to exchange a regular beverage serving for water.When this process happens the body has to adjust.If you find this part of the cleansing process difficult then you know for sure that a fast would be the worst thing for your system.Remember, you aren't cutting out liquid intake. You would be cutting out all non essential non nutriative beverages in exchange for water.So go from there. and then seek out a good nutritionist to help you plan a good cleansing shedule.Kamie
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Thanks for the info, after reading your posts I think it is wiser to just conentrate on fruit juice as my main liquid, and eat well as opposed to an all out fast! I think there is a time and place for them, but i need to give my body a chance to prepare!
Those colon cleansers are a waste of money. It's just a laxative. They can be harsh, and you'll go and then you'll be plugged up all over again. Try fiber, and the fruit like you suggested.
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