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After waiting a year, I finally got in to see a specialist about my IBS, or what I was told was IBS a year ago. Well, the doctor tells me he thinks I have functional bowel disease, even though he is going to repeat a couple of tests I had done a couple of years ago to confirm it. Anyway, I was just wondering what the difference is between IBS and functional bowel disease, I can't seem to find any info anywhere...if I look up FBD, I always get IBS material.PS - we don't think it's ibs because I get horrible pains, and they don't go away when I go to the bathroom, they can last for weeks at a time. Plus, I throw up when I eat some foods, not just run to the bathroom.Thanks

Not sure how your doctor is dividing up Functional GI diseases.Typically FBD is all the functional bowel disorders of which IBS is one (there is also things like chronic functional abdominal pain, functional constipation) IBS is change in bowel habit and pain. Pain going away after a BM is common, but not required. CFAP is the pains without the changes in bowel habit, FC would be the change in bowel habit without th pain.It may be he isn't sure if IBS is the "best" fit of the functional bowel disorders, so is keeping the diagnosis more vague, but that is just second guessing.K.
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