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Hi,Waited four months for sigmoidoscopy now gotta wait three months for a chat with the consultant. All i know from this is I have IBS and have to try fybogel with mebeverine which doesn't help at all. Anyone know any private UK practitioners who could help. I'm not loaded but I'd like to speed things up.
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Wow! If the med don't work, that sounds like thats not what you have! I took librax and lotrimil and it worked great (for diarrhea and cramping) I'm surprised that in England they only do a sigmoid. That only sees the last part of the colon (as I recall). The colonoscopy sees the whole tube. He did my diagnosis mainly from my symptoms. I should think that you should call him up and tell him you want to try new meds, or at least have more tests done. The US may be going to a socialized med system. It's good for the poor, people with no health insurance, but man I'd hate to have to wait so long. Tell him you are in extreem pain and you need to get seen right away. Does that help?
i dont really know anyone over here but i do know its expensive , one of my friends had a colonoscopy done privately and it costed �1700
if you have a look on any private health care company (like bupa, PP health care) they have a list of all their private hospitals.
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