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I have been doing much better here. It was 7 weeks yesterday since I had my gallbladder out. But if you recall I was having all kinds of troubles with gas pains, bloating, alternating C & D and just a touch of nausea. Anyway, the last week has been pretty decent, with only a hint of discomfort. Two days in a row we went to this Souper Salad restaurant (all you can eat salad bar and more).....well each night after eating there I had my discomfort. So I am assuming something eaten there is one of my triggers. I will have to analyze now between Caesar Salad, regular salad with cheese and mushrooms and 1000 Island Dressing, choc pudding with cool whip, watermelen slice, pizza slice, vegetable soup, tuna pasta salad......2nd day same stuff but had a loaded baked potato. Did this make you hungry? Hahahaha! Anyway, now I have to check out the above foods and figure out which one did the dirty work. Comments welcome! ~Charlotte in Arizona
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