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"feminine products"

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I've had my period for almost ten years now, and I never used tampons. Two years ago my IBS started. In those two years, I've tried to use tampons, but I just can't. After the first few minutes, I feel so much sicker (IBS symptoms). I don't know if it's the stress of trying to get the darn thing in right or if it's pressure against my gut. My gyno said the pain may be a result of the tampon pressing on the other organs around the vagina. I was just wondering if anyone else had any comments on this or if they had ever experienced anything similar.
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I get bad menstrual cramps, and when I am cramping badly, my body tries to push out tampons like it's a big clot. And passing big clots often make me feel shakey and nauseated.I don't wear tampons much anymore, because after I'm not cramping anymore, the flow is so much lighter that things are too dry when it's time to take the tampon out.And while we're talking tampons, there's something I've often wondered. Do other women go to the bathroom with no problem while wearing tampons? I can't go #2 with one in, and can't really go #1 more than once with it in. And I've got a small bladder... I rarely keep them in as long as I could, and then I run into the dryness problem...Another menstrual product you can try is the Instead cup... it is a disposal cup that fits inside kind of like a diaphragm does, from my understanding. I remember seeing ads in environmental magazines several years ago for a reusable cup...the ads said that was what the women in Biosphere II used.I bought a small package of the disposable Instead cups a few years ago, but couldn't get the hang of inserting them. But they seemed like a good non-pad solution for some women who have trouble wearing tampons. And another interesting feature was that it was possible to have intercourse while wearing one...there would be no blood flow and nothing plugging the vagina...just the cervix.
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My problem was that the tampon would start out where I couldn't feel it at all. But then after some cramping time, or going to the bathroom, it'd get pushed down more. Sometimes I would use my finger to reposition the tampon where it was comfortable. And occassionally when I"d use a tampon but hadn't in a while, I'd put it in with the applicator, then scrunch it up in a little more with my finger. The idea of using my finger grossed me out so much as a teenager, btw....i'd still rather use an applicator, but the it's not as gross to me now.So basically, the tampon would start out in what seemed to be the right place, and i couldn't feel it at all... but it would get moved down some, then it was uncomfortable. Anyone else experience this?I like to use Always Ultra-Thing pads with wings...gotta have wings of some sort!
I'm not the only one! It'd good to hear that.I'm loving this thread...all these things that it's easier to talk about on here...Before the pill, and then using the pill continuously to stop my periods, I had atrocious cramps and plenty of clotting... I'm wondering if there is a corelation between that and pushing out tampons...I always guessed there was.[This message has been edited by atp (edited 10-19-2001).]
Carrie, I remember seeing ads for The Keeper in environmental magazines a while ago. I'm curious as to what kind of cleaning is required of it? And how often does it usually need to be emptied?I don't know if anyone has tried the disposable cups... I think it was called Instead?? I could not for the life of me get it in correctly... I think it works kind of like a diaphragm so women who have used them would probably find insertion easier.
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