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That skin would be the hymen. Mine was such a pain that I couldn't use Tampons until I lost my virginity.The problems I experience with them now is dryness. They soak your vagina of it's natural fluids and lubricants.Plus there is the Period Conspiracy regarding tampons and pads. These products are always bleached. The reason this is legal is because it's not viewed as ingesting. But consider the amount of tampons a woman uses during her period, not to mention her lifetime and you're body is taking in quite a bit of poison. I noticed that I had problems with C when I used them a lot. Anyway, you can purchase resuable pads on the internet. Sounds gross, but it saves money. Plus there is a resuable cup that you use like a tampon. These are made to avoid the above problems and rare conditions such as toxic shock syndrome.
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