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fiber and exercise

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I went to see my doctor again today and he told me to try and do aerobic exercise, daily fiber supplement, and read a book on IBS. Has anyone been helped by any of these things? I told him this is very urgent but he thinks it takes time to heal. Sigh.
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I'd say try a new doctor! Sorry, I'm not sure. I believe in the general forum there were some posts that exercise does help though.
I have found that regular exercise (30-40 min, 5x week) helps my IBS quite a bit. Hopefully it will help yours as well.
The fiber supplements like Metamucil and Citrucel really do help my IBS-D quite a lot.Renee
Those are the kind he said. I'll try it for a month and see if there is some improvement. The only test he did was thyroid and it came out normal. I'm going to try a fiber supplement but start VERY slow. He wants me to take 1 teas twice a day and build to 2-4 twice a day.
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