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fiber capsules - how long?

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I started taking Metamucil w/Calcium capsules almost 2 weeks ago, per my doctor's advice. (The same advice I've ignored for 20 years.) I hate taking pills and b/c the dosage is 15 per day and b/c I didn't want to shock my body (lol), I've been working my way up to the full dose. (I'm up to about 12/day.) My normal routine was C for about 4 days and then one or 2 large BMs, maybe with D at the end. This time, around Day 4, I started have small, hard, BMs and I've been going to the bathroom daily this week. Yesterday, I felt like I was in the bathroom all day, but all BMs seemed formed and firm, but not necessarily hard. I just had an episode of some upper abdominal discomfort that turned out to be gas and another BM (that's 2 today) that was somewhat urgent, but not D. It was large and, in the end, soft. What I'd like to know is how do I know if I'm taking too much fiber or not enough? I mean, how do I regulate myself? I just want to go to the bathroom like a normal person and not have pain or urgency. Maybe once or twice a day and be done, KWIM? I guess that's what we all want. I'm happy that I haven't had any cramps, that's for sure. I'm also taking Align and ate popcorn and nuts this week so maybe that's kicking in, too.
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??What exactly are you taking>>?? ..... 15 PILLS A DAY is A LOT. So tell me exactly how much of Calcium (&whether or not it is calcium carbonate or calcium citrate or what) and exactly how much and in what form are you taking the Metamucil.
Thats alot! In fact according to the website it IS too much. Here refer to this page and see?? It says serving size is 5 capsules.. PERIOD. Not 5 capsules 3 times a day!Here Just click here to see the product info: down to see the label info with the serving size.So I would cut it back to 5 tabs, period.
Well maybe so.... but to get back to your first question.. as with ANY remedy or management technique with IBS.. it DOES take some finageling (I'm sure I didn't spell THAT word right.. LOL) around to find what works best for you. And if 10 tabs or 8 tabs seems to work best for you.. then that's what I would take and no more.. no matter WHAT the box says! So you may need to adjust things to suit your unique symptoms. So I sure would not feel compelled to take ALL 15 tabs if that's not what works best for you. All the best & hope you feel better real soon!
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